Ben Piggot

Software Developer at Cellar Door Media LLC

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Hi, my name is Ben Piggot and I am web developer passionate about working on projects that visualize information in new and powerful ways. I originally trained as a professional historian because I have a passion for gathering, analyzing, and conveying information. These are the same passions that motivate me today in my current career. I am primarily a front-end developer who works in a variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries. I also have experience working with Ruby/Rails, SQL (MySQL, Postgres), and R, and enjoy working with data as well.

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Technology Skills


JavaScript (ES6), Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, R


React.js, Node.js, Rails, AngularJS, Express.js

Database Tools

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB


Git, UNIX, JSON, jQuery, mori.js, D3.js

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